Messages from 2017
December 31st, “Ghosts Keep Christmas Well”
December 24th, Christmas  Eve   “Humbug no more”
December 17th   “Ghosts of Christmas Future”
December 10th,   “Ghosts of Christmas Present”
December 3rd, “Ghosts of Christmas Past”  
November 26th  “Marley’s Ghost”
November 19th,   “Stumbling Servants, Uncomfortable Comforts
and The Mysterious They”
Thanksgiving Message  “An Indescribable Gift”
November 12th, Act Up, week Seven, “Witness”
November 5th, Act Up, Week Six, “Courage”
October 29th  Act Up, Week Five, “Perseverance”
October 22nd Act Up, Week Four, “Creativity”
October 15th  Act Up, Week Three, “Acceptance”
October 8th    Act Up, Week Two, “Generosity”
October 1st  Act Up, Week One, “Power”
September 24th “Faith-in-the-Midst-of-Distraction”
September 17th  “Sweeter Than Cotton Candy”
September 10th  “Lessons from Shenandoah: Step Inside”
September 3rd  “Lessons from Shenandoah: Step Across part II Outreach”
August 27th  “Lessons from Shenandoah: Step Across part I Forgiveness “
August 20th  “Lessons from Shenandoah: Step Down”
August 13th  “Lessons from Shenandoah: Step Up”